Cash for Junk Cars in North Carolina, NC

Say goodbye to that beloved vehicle from yesteryear and get as much value as possible for what is left when you partner with JunkyCARS. We offer cash for junk cars in Charlotte, NC and throughout North Carolina. We even tow the vehicle away at no additional cost to the client. Just because your favorite old truck was smashed up in an accident doesn’t mean you won’t receive some compensation in return.

Secure the funding you need for a down payment on a new car through our rapid process. Depending on the condition of the vehicle, we may decide that it is a great candidate for salvage. Working with a team that understands this process is a huge advantage. We know how many have come to be wary of promises made by junkyards, so we go the extra mile to ensure you have the answers you need.

The process begins with a phone call to our offices. We advise you on the location of the nearest yard, and we start the quote process as well. Once we have determined a course of action for your junk car, we schedule a time for pick up and towing.

We Come to You

Anyone who is considering selling a car for cash may not be able to drive that car to a junkyard for sale. Other yards force the seller to arrange for towing, which cuts into your time and the money you can realize from a sale. We operate our business differently to serve your needs better. Schedule a junk car pick up once you have a quote in hand, and start planning for your future on the roadways.

We have junkyard locations near where you live and work to ensure the process is easier for those we serve. Our partnerships with a number of automobile salvagers, repair specialists, and scrap yards allow us to provide you with a rapid quote and immediate pick-up.

Sell Wrecked Cars for Cash

The car you want to sell may have just been in an accident, or it may have occupied space in your backyard for ages. Either way, our team is ready to pick up that vehicle and provide you with cash on the spot. The money you receive is dependent on the condition of the car.

Once we determine the best use for the parts and the metal, we can proceed with paying you the money you deserve.