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Have you asked yourself, “where can I junk my car?” Are you tired of looking at that old vehicle taking up space on your property? Looking to sell wrecked cars for cash? Then, you’re in the right place. Here at JunkyCARS, we’ve made it easier to get rid of these old eyesores. Call on our team of experts. Regardless of where you live in the country, you can count on us to eliminate old and junky vehicles from your life. Call now to request an instant quote from our experienced and respected used car buyers.

Our Process

First, we provide you with an instant quote by assessing the value of your vehicle. It’s essential to offer a fair price that reflects what your car is worth. Then, we inform you of your nearest junkyard before scheduling a time for pickup and towing. It’s that simple. And the best part is that we offer free towing to all our customers!

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We encourage you to reach out to us today with any questions about receiving cash for junk cars. Our friendly professionals look forward to hearing from you and providing the information you need.